Máy Khắc laser Fiber YYLP-F10-GC khắc nhanh mà Tiện Lợi


  • Service life 50000-100000 hours
  • Free maintenance for 12 months
  • Low energy consumption (0.8kw / h)
  • High precision engraving (0.2mm)
  • Fast engraving speed
  • Free delivery to Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh and neighboring provinces.
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Mô tả

Fiber Laser Marking Machine YLP-F20

As one of the Gbos stores. Fiber Laser Marking Machine With fast high speed engraving engraving speed will bring customers satisfaction.

Laser tube power ≤10W / 20W
Laser type Laser discharge tube
Work place 100 * 100/120 * 120mm (Optional for different area)
total capacity 0.6KW / 0.8KW
Dimensions (L × W × H) 900 * 620 * 1100
Operating system / compatible file types Windows XP / 7/8/10, AI, PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG.
Weight 150KG
Electricity supply 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 10A
Working environment conditions Temperature 10-30 ℃, Humidityno condensation30-80%

Etched clearly

Meticulously carved characters (minimum 0.15mm)


handheld laser engraving machine

Low energy consumption

Power saving (0.8 kilowatt-hours / hour)

RP device (optional extra)

It can be equipped with rotary device, so it can be
rotated 360 ° and is suitable for handling applications in various products such as mugs, glasses, bottles, jars …

YLp laser engraving machine rotary axis

With the ability to engrave meticulously and sharply, the product can produce products that require meticulous levels.

Suitable for making products such as boards, keys, other metal products …..



XP device (optional)

You can choose whether or not to have XP equipment. Why must I have this equipment? to automatically queue up
large patterns.


Laser Engraving Machine YLP-F20

Low energy consumption, so save electricity. Help businesses reduce costs.

You can watch the demo video of the operation of the YLP-F20 laser engraving machine

2.5D device (optional)

The working table can be raised or lowered by hand, easy to
operate. and adjust focus
Solve problems marking products at different heights


How to buy engraving machine YLP-F20?

If you want to buy YLP-F20 engraving machine , please contact sales department

  • Mr. Lu Chun Kuang call: 0916898108
  • Mr. Wang Hui Ping call:  0913755358
  • Ms. Perfume: 0389094373

Address: 314, Le Thi Trung, An Phu – Thuan An, Binh Duong

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 1500 kg
Kích thước 900 × 620 × 1100 cm

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